The Company

P.GALIOY & SIA OE company with the brand name UR UNDERWEAR COMPANY was founded and function in Thessaloniki since 1994. The UNDERWEAR is a Greek manufacturing and trading company of underwears, pyjamas-homewear for men-women and children.
    The company logo UR UNDERWEAR has been established in the consumers' conscience as signal of distinguished quality products of underwear - homewear-pyjamas. Today, after years in its field, it's one of the best companies of producing and trading high quality products in Greece. Our equipped facilities as well as the specialized staff, the excellent materials in combination with the accessible prices constitute part of this success. The collections of UNDERWEAR, combine comfort with high quality, following the fashion trends, satisfying the needs of its customers.
    The UR UNDERWEAR company constitutes the synonym of quality and excellent customer service. It allocates a well organized network of wholesale in allover Greece with experienced salesmen.
    In the chain stores  of UNDERWEAR, the UR UNDERWEAR STORES, apart from the collection of UNDERWEAR MAN and UNDERWEAR WOMAN, you can also find a great variety of underwears, lingerie, homewear, pyjamas, beachwear-swimsuits, socks and tights by local and international brand names. UNDERWEAR STORES are found in the MEDITERRANEAN COSMOS shopping and entertainment center in Thessaloniki, in the down town of  Thessaloniki at 48 Egnatia str as well as in the PANTHEON PLAZA shopping and leisure center  in Larissa.

48 EGNATIA str

Monastiriou 124Β , 546 27 Thessaloniki - Tel.: +30(2310)55.33.75 - Fax: +30(2310)55.33.75 Email: [email protected]